September 21, 2007

wanted: new ad campaign!

Posted in wtf? tagged at 9:42 pm by squishy

Being the dedicated television viewer that I am, I seem to come across more than my fair share of Carl’s Jr. ads. They’re not as stupid as the GEICO caveman ads, which are colossally stupid but, for better or worse, memorable. One of the more recent Carl’s Jr. segments shows this regular dude (read: overweight guy who looks like he might smell a bit) LICKING a cup filled with some orangey milkshake. The voiceover: “It could take you a while to realize it’s not a real orangesicle.”

I must have seen it about 62 times. And never have I been filled with a desire to ever, ever try one. My inner obsessive-compulsive cringes with every slobbery lick. Can you imagine all the outtakes? I bet his tongue was sandpapery by the end of the shoot.

Granted I’m probably not their target demographic; their spots seem to air mostly during Dodgers games and on SpikeTV (that, in itself, is another ugh). But there have to be more people in the world who see this as nothing short of fricking disgusting.


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