September 24, 2007

bend over, please

Posted in so much for my anonymity tagged , , at 8:55 pm by squishy


Currently, I work in a lab investigating prostate cancer. I don’t actually deal with the glands, and my experiments are conducted in vitro, thus not involving humans or any animals. But whenever I mention my job to a member of the not-so-fair sex, they respond with either 1) unnerving interest and an anecdote or four, or 2) a cringe, plus an involuntary clenching of their sphincters (I assume). A great majority fall under the latter category, and although most of the people I talk to are too young to think about prostate exams, they seem to have vivid imaginations. Based on my experiences, I have come to the very unscientific and largely unproven conclusion that guys = wusses.

Case in point: whenever women mention their menstrual cycles (or anything of the sort), guys run away screaming. Whenever they hear about their prostates, they cover their ears and babble. They have no problem thinking of and generally fantasizing about copulation, but when it comes to the actual mechanics, maintenance and anatomical plumbing involved, the smarmiest of men cross their legs and change the nature of the conversation.


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