September 28, 2007

perrier: not your mama’s seltzer

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Perrier: sexier, riskier, crazier, sassier, manlier. This ad campaign implies that Perrier was sexy, risky, crazy, sassy and fricking manly to begin with. I think they’re hallucinating; a Volvo is sexier than Perrier. You can only assume that they’re trying to tap into the Red Bull market. Because, you know, overpriced club soda is FIERCE.

I guess Perrier: snobbier, blander, irrelevant-er didn’t test as well. If they can convince people that this is somehow manly and sassy, we’re a bunch of lemmings that deserve to be swindled by the fine folks at Perrier. Props for trying.

More print ads from the Ogilvy and Mather campaign after the jump.


The NYT did a writeup that was decidedly less snarky. You can read it here.



  1. Lauren said,

    that last one distrubes me a bit. It lookslike she’s gonna do somethng dirty with that bottle….

    also, her bathtub looks like a hot dog bun.

  2. I love Perrier! Try with James Martins, Aged 20 years… It’s just Great!!!

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