September 29, 2007

congratulations to boston

Posted in deportes tagged , , at 1:01 pm by squishy

With the Yankees’ loss yesterday, Boston clinched the AL East (mini-woot!).


Goggles for their champagne/beer showers? They must have been great boy scouts.



  1. firedannyainge said,

    It was crazy to watch. I missed seeing it live by one game. Oh well:)

  2. Tina said,

    One thing I’ve never understood is champagne in the locker room. It’s so sticky! And everything is going to be coated in it. And those brand new t-shirts and hats you just put on? Ruined.

    What is it that Liz Taylor once said about champagne? Something like the only bad thing about drinking champagne all day is that it gives you bad breath? Yeah. And it’s sticky when poured all over one’s body. Just saying.

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