October 1, 2007


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This game was so good I’m not even remotely sad that I missed Heroes.


After 4 hours and 40 minutes, 13 innings, 426 pitches, an unfinished dinner, and a good fraction of a 12-pack of Heineken Lite, the Rockies beat the Padres to win the NL Wildcard and extend their season into October… er, deeper October. On my way home from work, I almost got into 2 car accidents trying to find a radio station carrying the game (there wasn’t!!!). There were some questionable calls on a double/HR (?), and Holliday’s final run on Carroll’s sacfly, but in the end, this game was by far the best of the season. It could’ve only been better if the Rockies = Dodgers, and today = Friday instead of Monday.

In a year that has been so improbable… well, hell, they frickin won.

I was pulling for the Rockies, since the enemy of my enemy is my friend. But they won me over with their unbelievable defense, clutchy hitting and sheer resolve. They’ll be facing the Phillies, and I’m sad that only one of those great, scrappy, offensively-loaded teams will go on. Tulo NEEDS to be the Rookie of the Year. He is a real, offensive threat and a vacuum of a defensive monster. Ryan Braun can mash, but Queen Elizabeth (the 1st, if it makes any difference) has better defense than him.

The Padres’ failure to advance into the playoffs isn’t Mets-ian by any means, but I can imagine their Swinging Friar sulking with Mr. Met:

Mr. Met: “Beer me, you balding, pantless idiot jackass.”
Friar: “!@# you, too, you ^%$#!ing bobblehead. You had a SEVEN game lead.”


Props to the Padres for being resilient turds who (long) outlasted LA. We shall all mope together. And we’ll kick your ass in 2008.


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