October 1, 2007

i didn’t even know they had facebook for frenchies

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French government embarrassed by Facebook


French prime minister, François Fillon will be interested know that his son, Antoine, 22, is a member of several “high-brow” chat groups.

One, entitled “I am too proud of my poo,” boasts 93 members who spend entire nights digressing about the “16 different types of turd.”

Antoine Fillon, an economics student whose mother Penny is Welsh, is also part of the “legless friendship circle,” which includes 650 fellow binge drinkers.

via the Telegraph (UK). An article embarrassing the French? Of COURSE it’s by the UK! (I’m sure the French press have also covered this in exhausting detail, but hee!)

A while ago, there was an article discussing how recruiters would search interview candidates’ Facebook entries. There was a minor outrage; students and recent alumni (and I’m sure the ACLU) maintained that it was free speech and youthful idiocy that shouldn’t be judged since one’s Facebook page is not representative of one’s character and/or work ethic. It was just a way to, as oxymoronic as it sounds, be stupid yet witty on the Internet. And to impress people who should be doing other things than click from person to person on Facebook.

If you’re applying for jobs or are the offspring of a celebrity/elected official, at least increase your privacy settings so I don’t have to read more stories of this sort. If you’re seeking employment/office and are dumb enough to get ‘caught’ saying you like beating small animals, illegally binge-drinking or be photographed with an oversized phallic bong (are there any other kind?), you’re on your own.

But “I am too proud of my poo”…? That HAS to raise the watermark on scatological hubris.  Yay for France!


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