October 2, 2007

never did i think i would post a photo of this person…

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Woo. Who knew Clay Aiken was the lovechild of David Caruso and Rosie O’Donnell?  Disturbing mental image? You bet!

I’ve never seen an episode of American Idol, Desperate Housewives, The Bachelor, anything with Flava Flav, or The O.C./Hills/Laguna Beach/enter-Southern-California-district-with-over-inflated-housing-costs and-brats-with-raging-sense-of-entitlement. How, I do not know; nomads in Greenland are more pop-culturally aware than I am. But that hasn’t allowed me the luxury of not knowing who Kristin Cavallari, Spencer Pratt, Teri Hatcher, Sanjaya and/or Clay Aiken are. I could probably give you Zac Efron’s measurements and morning makeup ritual, and I’ve never even seen High School Musical (is it a TV show or a movie? I don’t think I even care).

If you’re so inclined (shame on you!), there are more pictures at JustJared. Excuse me while I take a long, long shower.

P.S. I have to say that the fifth sentence isn’t entirely true. I shamefully admit to watching marathons of The Real Housewives of Orange County (but as a real housewife of Orange County, my mother objects; her fake boobs don’t look that horribly fake). I just don’t venture into MTV/VH1/network television much.


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