October 7, 2007

cats have been well represented. on to dogs!

Posted in sufficiently entertaining at 11:08 pm by squishy

Halloween was created for three groups of people: 1. young children who are usually not allowed to have sugar, 2. women who wish to capitalize on the opportunity to dress sluttily without being branded as a contemporary Hester Prynne and 3. pet owners who enjoy dressing their pets.

Down in Pensacola, FL, there was a Barktoberfest event to celebrate members of that third group. Fortunately, someone took pictures.


Yoda! You’re kidding me!


More after the jump.



I’m guessing this pooch is supposed to be Little Red Riding Hood, complete with a basket. Heh.



I’m not quite sure what that last one is supposed to be. The bling suggests.. a rapper? A pimp? Liberace? But why is the dog painted a bluish violet? It’s like a mashup of Grimace and the Hamburglar.

My nonexistent pet should be glad I’m not his/her owner (how would that work?). All photos courtesy of the Pensacola News Journal.


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