October 8, 2007

*grind* *grind*

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It’s rare when you find a scientific study on lap dances, so when people publish their data on such things, I’m fascinated. The researchers from the University of New Mexico only charted 18 dancers, to which I cry small sample size; they did, however, chart about 5300 lap dances. The results are very interesting nonetheless. The more fertile the dancers are, the more money they make, which may seem biologically obvious. And women on birth control pills made less across the board.

Regarding the picture: I tried to find a PG-13 image of a lap/dance/lapdance, and I ended up with that “girlfriend lap pillow,” which still looks inappropriate for different reasons. You can purchase one here if you’re so inclined.

More on the actual article after the jump

Something in the Way She Moves?

Over a 60-day period, the researchers collected data from 5300 lap dances. They divided the answers according to whether the dancers were in the menstrual phase, the high-fertility estrous phase, or the luteal phase. The result, as they report online this week in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior: Of the 11 women with normal menstrual cycles, those in the estrous phase pulled in about $70 an hour–compared with $50 for those in the luteal phase, and only $35 an hour for those who were menstruating. The other seven women were on birth control pills. They earned less across the board, and there was no peaking at the estrous phase.

The numbers suggest that men can tell when a woman is most fertile, although the message seems to be conveyed by “subtle behavioral signals” that evade conscious detection, the authors say. They add that the study couldn’t identify whether it is scent or other physical changes that cue the men in, but they don’t think it’s anything obvious such as type of dance moves or “conversational content.”

via Science Now


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  1. lk said,

    interesting. 60 days is only 2 cycles though- I’d be interested to see them follow this for a year or so.

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