October 9, 2007

pillows as a means of expression

Posted in wtf? at 11:11 am by squishy

In my quick quest to find an image to accompany the lapdance article, I came across that “girlfriend lap pillow.” I also came across an article that listed the 10 funniest pillows. Some of them were disconcerting (think Georgia O’Keeffe), some very practical, and some just plain funny. Here are some of my favorites:

Blood pool pillow. How bizarre. Brings new meaning to ‘playing dead,’ no?


Pillow with a Kleenex compartment. For your flu-like symptoms and late night crying jags.

Totally lol-ed at this one. HAHAHA!

A plush tampon that’s always glad to see you. The smiley face is a little off-putting, but a frowny face would be weirder.
….I’m a tool for trying to deconstruct the emotions of a tampon pillow.

Mosey on here for the other winners. Some may not be suitable for work. Some would scar me if I woke up with them.


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  1. theadore(and no im not a guy!) said,

    those are some strange pillows are they real? i didn’t read evrything!
    and im not a guy but my name is Theadore. but at least im not a guy woth the name mary or elizabeth!

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