October 12, 2007

cheetos, starbucks, redbull, bare feet and weaves

Posted in i hate the word ‘gossip’ tagged at 4:10 pm by squishy

I have my days when I feel like a rhinoceros with gastroenteritis and multiple hangnails. My only goal is to get through the work day without sleeping at my desk, calling out my co-worker on his exotic cheese-like body odor, or eating a pound of chocolate. The least of my concerns is my attire; as long as I don’t smell or draw stares, I will wear whatever I please. It is because of these days that I have 5 men’s hooded sweatshirts.

It’s not unreasonable that Britney doesn’t feel particularly well, considering her custody battle, her VMA performance and impending record release.  So how can you blame her for not giving two shits? “I’m going to go out in public like this, and I DON’T CARE LALALALA.”

But… but…

I’m not snarking on Britney… it’s just that… she needs a mirror. Any, ANY reflective surface will do.

Her love affair with weaves/hair extensions is not going to end well.



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