October 14, 2007

PSA: good show, must watch, please do

Posted in sufficiently entertaining tagged , , , at 6:25 pm by squishy

I finally got this DVD set, and I don’t know why I waited so long. I usually get my DVDs off eBay, but I specifically ordered off of Amazon so NBC could make note of my purchase. In April and May of this year, I was in a constant state of minor panic; my favorite show of the season, Friday Night Lights, was on official cancellation watch. It’s similar to the feeling I had before Fox brutally and needlessly axed Arrested Development.

It’s such a good show. The writing and acting are both so supremely good that it’s too easy to forget that this is scripted television. I know NOTHING about football. It’s to the point that people will be cheering a play, and I have no clue why they’re happy their shoulder-padded dude got a minor concussion. He’s on the ground! He got knocked down! What’s good about that?

But this show is about so much more than football. It’s real, amusing, heartbreaking, and should be given another 5 seasons to develop. If The King of Queens lived for 9 seasons, and According to Jim is STILL ON THE AIR, Friday Night Lights certainly should get a few more years. So please, watch it on NBC on Fridays at 9/8 central.


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