October 14, 2007

sweep! sweep!

Posted in deportes tagged , at 8:55 pm by squishy


My adopted team is doing so well. I’m beaming! Positively beaming! Exclamation point!

No one is watching this series for a variety of reasons: late starting time (damn east-coasters), the fact that it’s on TBS, or that it’s the freakin’ Rockies playing the Diamondbacks. If there are only 2 people watching the NLCS, I hope the other person is Ned Colletti, the mustachioed LAD GM/bastard who has an uncontrollable mancrush on any player over the age of 35. NED! WATCH! Young teams! Doing WELL!


I don’t care who wins the ALCS; I just want them to beat the utter shit out of each other (7 games with extra innings, please) so team X makes it to the World Series bruised, bloody, limping and weeping for the Rockies to skip and prance all over. Too much to ask? Most definitely. Doesn’t mean I won’t stop rooting for that to happen.

PS: I was trying really hard not to use the f-word, but jesus, Tulowitzki is a fucking good defender. The entire Rockies’ defense is absolutely sublime, but Tulowitzki is unbelievable. If we had kids, they’d be able to make unreal diving catches and mentally calculate the time it would take for the ball to reach 1st. To the hundredth of a second.

PPS: Rockies fans are really something. It was close to freezing in Denver and raining/sleeting pretty hard throughout the whole game, but the place was packed. Arizona fans have nothing on them.

PPS: Eric Byrnes can jump in a radioactive lake.


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