October 21, 2007

the girl, however, is adorable regardless of her facial expression

Posted in i hate the word ‘gossip’ tagged , at 6:33 pm by squishy

This is the opposite of Viggo: hot when smiling, creepy when emotionless. Take a look at Jonathan Rhys-Meyers.


Aww! How adorable! So wholesome looking, he wins the stereotypical overprotective ex-military/cop father’s seal of approval.

But he looks downright pervy here.



That rogue-ish slicked back hair now looks so smarmy, and his facial hair is wondering where he can get some roofies. I have no words for his eyes.

Photos: Just Jared



  1. yeah I feel like the facial hair just makes him look like a serial killer in general…

  2. Idetrorce said,

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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