October 22, 2007

this amuses me more than it should

Posted in sufficiently entertaining tagged , at 11:19 am by squishy

How do geeks display their athletic prowess? By Segway Polo, of course!

I can’t stop giggling. I want to try it so bad.

And I can’t mention Segways without posting this:


I’m quoting Dean Kamen, the man responsible for this wonder on wheels and ensuing Bush-trastophe.

“..I brought a pair of Segways to [Bush Sr. and his wife] and I trained them. I gave them a little training, which is the appropriate thing to do. And the last thing I said to them, because Barbara Bush said, ‘Oh, thank you very much.. we’re going to have grandchildren here, and this place is going to be full of life this weekend and we’re really excited to use these things.’

“‘Please, Mrs. Bush, if you’re going to let kids ride these things, make sure they get a little..’ And she .. stopped me and said, ‘You worry too much. Don’t worry.’

“..and the next morning, I saw the newspaper, and I have to tell you, the Segway works WAY better if you turn it on before you jump on it.”

Photos: Engadget, Depresident


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