October 30, 2007

joe torre, no longer unemployed

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It’s semi-official: Joe Torre will be the 2008 (and 09 and 10?) manager of the LA Dodgers. Don Mattingly, the once-frontrunner for the NYY manager position, is rumored to follow Torre to LA and be his bench coach.

And I’m actually… kind of… agreeing with Bill Plaschke. The end is nigh. He still can’t write for bananas, though.

I’ve yet to process what this means for the Dodgers. It seems like it would be an expensive upgrade, perhaps to the detriment to the BP (somewhere, Scott Proctor is twitching, and he doesn’t know why… yet), but hopefully he can shore up that well-publicized, mortifyingly petty/stupid clubhouse rift. I wanted Girardi over Little for a while, and I think Torre would be good for the team… but I can think of several better ways to spend $5-7 million/year.

What I can’t get over is how poorly McCourt and Colletti handled this situation. Grady was given a 1-year contract extension in March 2007, with a club option for 2009. Less than a month ago, when the press and fans were demanding his head on a stake, the owner and GM publicly stood by Grady. But amidst rumors, their silence and lack of comments were very telling. They were by no means married to Grady, but they basically cheated on him with a shiny new manager.

According to ESPN, Joe Girardi was Plan A, and Torre was a backup. What makes no sense is that Girardi wasn’t managing in 2007, and could’ve easily been approached before Grady was given an extension and public support in September. The Dodgers only started sniffing around after the Yankees expressed interest in (and subsequently offered the job to) the former Marlins manager.

This is so juvenile. Grow up, Frank.

This rivals the utter tactlessness Boras/A-Rod displayed when they ‘leaked’ the opt-out to steal Boston and MLB’s thunder during the World Series. Neither instance of boneheadedness may have been malicious, but both were needlessly (in)advertently hurtful to those involved.

This incident just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If they’re going to clean house, get rid of Colletti, too, before he does something incredibly stupid, like trading Kemp and Kershaw for a Santana rental.

I hope Grady is provided an opportunity to succeed elsewhere. His ability as an in-game strategist might be questionable, but from all accounts, he is a decent man. And no one deserves to be shit on like this. I disagreed with a lot of his moves, but I wish him well.

There are rumors that Torre hasn’t made a decision. I hope whoever ends up managing the Dodgers will kick Kent’s doughy ass, bench Pierre, not abuse Russell and give Delwyn Young a few hundred ABs.


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