October 30, 2007

more torreness

Posted in los dodgers tagged , , , at 10:49 am by squishy

From baseballprospectus.com

Behind the scenes, Grady Little was fired mostly for not being Joe Torre. There will be talk of clubhouse problems, but Little was undermined in the clubhouse by ownership. The more interesting news will be when the front office maneuvering plays out. GM Ned Colletti, AGM Kim Ng, and development guru Logan White have all been rumored as targets in the shifting sands of the Dodgers hierarchy. The Torre move is clearly coming from the McCourt family as well as consigliere Tommy Lasorda. If player moves – really big player moves – are made shortly, we’ll know that the purse strings now have become puppet strings.

Will Kim finally take over as GM? Will Logan White pursue greener pastures?  What else will the biennial McCourt panic bring?  The uncertainty is making me queasy, but the phrase that terrifies me most is CONSIGLIERE TOMMY LASORDA.

(runs away screaming)

Photo/reprieve: Seattle Times


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