October 30, 2007

the attractive serial killer, not the child prodigy with a bulgarian accent

Posted in sufficiently entertaining tagged at 12:59 pm by squishy

I spent the weekend being ‘bored’ by the World Series, and resisting the temptation to watch the entire first season of ‘Dexter.’ I’m savoring each episode, and I’m currently down 5, with 7 left to go. I love LOVE this show. This, combined with all the episodes of CSI I’ve re-watched, will be mighty handy in getting away with the perfect crime. I’ve actually wondered if exfoliating and depilating will reduce the chances of shedding DNA at a crime scene. I can’t be the only person thinking these things; there have to be other budding sociopaths out there, right?

Considering that this show is only in its second season, I’m actually early to the party. Especially considering the following: I just discovered Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back to Black’ 2 weeks ago (I only knew her as the emaciated British starlet with the beehive, odd teeth, a louse of a husband and a wee drug/alcohol problem). I started watching Arrested Development after it was canceled. I got my license at the age of 18, and I just had my first Pop Tart yesterday. I’ve yet to hear the ‘new’ Justin Timberlake song (sexy back? I don’t know how that’s possible, but I managed to do it). By 2012, I’ll be driving a hybrid vehicle, drooling over Leonardo DiCaprio, marathoning through ‘The OC and ‘The Sopranos,’ wearing footless leggings over textured tights and under skinny jeans with Uggs, and learning Chinese and/or Arabic.


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