November 30, 2007

my list of pet peeves would equal the number of muhammeds in the world

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Pet Peeve #837A.3 – I hate the phrase “all walks of life” but I don’t know why.  I’m okay with what it connotes, but the phrase is hokey as hell and overused, which are enough to promote this phrase to “annoying.”  But every time I hear someone say that, I die a little.  WHY?!?  It’s an illness.  I can’t stand it.

Pet Peeve #794AQ – Or friends being described as toxic.  If you have a “toxic friend,” unless he/she is glowing yellow and dusted in anthrax, that ain’t no friend.  That’s a sumbitch.


i heart amazon

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When did Amazon start offering mp3 downloads? LOVE! Fast, easy and affordable, but more importantly, without that DAMNED DRM. Damn you to hell, DRM.  I’m not going to e-mail music to 829847958198 people; I just want to be able to listen to it on multiple devices/computers.

Goodbye, .m4p!  Don’t let the iDoor hit you in the iAss on the way out!

November 28, 2007

interesting cyber-phenomena

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spammy The bulk of my spam comments are from Greek dudes. Or computers pretending to be Greek dudes. Either scenario is befuddling.

To wit:


I could go on for a while.

November 27, 2007

i don’t think i can wait

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Really, I don’t think I can wait.


I loved Jack Nicholson in the role, but I’m looking forward to this movie even more. Click for a huge version of the Empire cover.

The viral marketing campaign is really unsettling and all sorts of awesome (remember It’s current state isn’t anything to write home about, but it’s still creepy and I don’t know why). Nolan et. al. may have a tough time living up to expectations, but if Batman Begins is any indication…

Source: Joblo

i promise not to not do any more headlines. really.

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Grandmother, 35, Accused Of Leaving Boy On Home’s Doorstep

The headline says it all.

happy birthday III

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The bra is 100 years old! I am resisting the urge to use puns.

One hundred years ago, Vogue coined the term “brassiere.”

Since then, it’s been called plenty: The 18 Hour bra, the Cross Your Heart bra, the training bra, the padded bra, the sports bra, the front-close bra, the strapless bra, the backless bra, the plunge bra, the sheer bra, the Wonderbra, the convertible bra, the T-back bra, the Bralette, the minimizer, and every teenage boy’s favorite, the over-the-shoulder boulder holder.

The article contains some interesting bra-related trivia. But over-the-shoulder boulder holder? NEVER heard of that one. Perhaps because I was never a teenage boy.

Source: Star-Telegram
Image, if you’d like to know how to grow tomatoes in a bra: The Tao of Making Money

November 26, 2007

if you didn’t love barack already…

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…on Saturday—after a question on medicinal marijuana—Obama was prodded a bit further and asked whether or not he had ever inhaled.

“I did,” the senator from Illinois said to light applause. “It’s not something I’m proud of. It was a mistake as a young man.”

The question was a reference to a line made famous by former President Bill Clinton who, while admitting to trying marijuana, said he did not inhale.

“I never understood that line,” Obama continued. “The point was to inhale. That was the point.”

You can just feel the presidential hopefuls and parent groups lining up to declare outrage over this.

The funny thing is, a lot of weight (perhaps too much?) is given to a presidential candidate’s likeability; Bill Clinton’s affable personality apparently got him elected over George H. W. Bush, and before Dubya became synonymous with geopolitical kryptonite, the younger Bush was the person that won the ‘candidate I’d most like to have a beer with’ contest. And yet voters want want their candidates to be pillars of morality. We want the the goody-two-shoes, but without the insufferability. How many goody-two-shoes are likeable?

Sidetrack: In college, I knew a girl who had a series of 5-year plans that would get her into the Senate. When she did drink, she refused to be photographed with an alcoholic beverage, lest it ruin her chances of being elected.  Almost everything she did was calculated, her likeability was inversely proportional to her uptight/rigidness. And is it ‘likeable’ or ‘likable’? My spell-check says the latter is correct, but it looks wrong.

Source: CNN Political Tracker

November 23, 2007

an exercise in brevity

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A choice selection of the IMDb news headlines. The editor either has an interesting sense of humor, or just wanted to get the hell out of the office for Thanksgiving. Either way, some of them (particularly the Snipes one) make NO SENSE.

Btw, everyone can breath easy; Jon Favreau isn’t fat anymore.

Source: IMDb

November 21, 2007

happy thanksgiving

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Ah, Thanksgiving! The time of year when the wagons are circled to celebrate tradition with unbridled demonstrations of gluttony. Such a great holiday, unless your family is a facsimile of a Noah Baumbach movie, and/or if the designated chefs can’t cook worth shit. Can you imagine 1. being related to jackasses, 2. being polite and smiley to them, while 3. eating their retch-tastically awful food? I think that’s what you’re exposed to in purgatory (as well as ammonia+vinegar air fresheners and Ricky Martin on loop).


Hope that’s not the case for anyone. Here’s… er… an individually wrapped antacid for your gastrointestinal comfort! >(///)<  I’m going to need the next 2-3 weeks to recuperate, by which point I will be ready for the Christmas fooooooooood.

Image: Post Secret

i’m getting old

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I’m neither young enough to voluntarily watch the Disney Channel, nor am I old enough to have tween-age children, so it isn’t surprising that I don’t know who Hannah Montana is. I’ve learned about her the way 40-somethings learn about MySpace: by reading about it in the papers or watching it on their local news broadcasts (usually about sweaty pedophiles, sexually precocious 13 year olds, or the unfortunate confluence of both). Apparently, Hannah Montana is Billy Ray Cyrus’ daughter, and is very, very popular.

The point of this entry isn’t to lament how out of the loop I am regarding Disney Channel idols. There was a package of 4 Hannah Montana tickets + backstage passes + dinner + limo ride up for auction, and one Indianapolis woman bid $13,000 for it.

I understand how auctions can become bidding wars. With 12 seconds left and one competing bidder standing, I have definitely paid a tad more on an eBay item than I would normally be comfortable with. (I’ve also done some completed-item searches, and found quite a few people who paid significantly MORE than the retail price of items CURRENTLY IN STORES. I cannot fathom the human race. But that’s another issue).

But $13,000!! It’s a charity auction, and it’s for a good cause, but holy flaming shit, $13,000!

Again, I cannot fathom the human race.

Source: The Indy Channel
Image: ICHC

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