November 8, 2007

my hero, my beacon of entertainment

Posted in sufficiently entertaining tagged at 1:22 pm by squishy

I subscribe to a litany of podcasts, and I have the luxury of listening to them on my mp3 device at work. One of them is Savage Love (or Lovecast; I can’t keep track of the name). Because it is Dan Savage, it is horribly inappropriate, deliciously voyeuristic and very, very amusing. Did I mention it’s inappropriate? Perhaps NC-17 inappropriate. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The latest episode, however, takes the cake. I had to run to the bathroom in a fit of giggles, only to alarm the woman with the black mule slingbacks. Sorry!

One caller had a problem with his… er… hirsute sphincter, and how that affects, among other things, the release of gas.  It’s juvenile, gross and redefines scatology, but Savage’s response is the funniest thing I’ve heard in the past few months. How he can give this advice with a straight face/voice is beyond me. I’d provide a transcript, but his delivery is classic.

You can download it here. Cue to about 8 min 52 sec. I don’t recommend listening to this at work, but oh my god, I have to go back and listen to it again.

PS: The topics I’m covering must make me sound like a complete pervert, but THESE THINGS FIND ME!! And not the other way around! (whimper).


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