November 9, 2007

i want to believe!

Posted in sufficiently entertaining tagged , at 12:15 am by squishy

I used to be an atheist. Now I’m an agnostic-cum-apathetist. That may or may not be relevant to my enjoyment of this:

Behold the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

Some background for the unenlightened: Pastafarianism arose during the Kansas Board of Education evolution hearings that debated the inclusion of creationism and intelligent design in public school science classes. The visionary Bobby Henderson sent an open letter to the Kansas education board, discussing an alternate theory of creationism, where the Flying Spaghetti Monster is god/spaghedeity. Henderson formally requested that this FSM theory be taught in public schools, alongside evolution and intelligent design.

I only learned about this because of my boss’ desktop wallpaper. Touched by His noodly appendage! lol!

Photo/source: Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster


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