November 19, 2007

stinker strikes again

Posted in sufficiently entertaining at 3:34 pm by squishy

THE insufferable jackass

I was stuck in another meeting where Stinker was presenting. I, along with a couple of co-lab members have decided is that Stinker has a demi-god complex among peers, but will stoop to obsequious lows when dealing with superiors. Odd, considering he seems to lack self-esteem; perhaps the air of superiority is a way of overcompensating? Suffice it to say he is smelly and insufferable.

During this meeting, Labrat J pointed out that Stinker had a simple-yet-very-misleading typo in his powerpoint.

Labrat J: Did you mean x here? As it stands, y means the opposite.
Stinker: (indignantly) I meant y.
Overlord Labrat: Are you sure? If you meant y, then we have to rethink our experimental approach.
Stinker: Maybe perhaps if I wrote that, I meant x, of course. I’ll change it ASAP. I’m so sorry. (‘sincerely’)

He actually said, “maybe perhaps if,” and my brain went flat for a second. Labrat J and I are contemplating spiking his protein water supply with Ex-Lax.

Our disgust of Stinker may be irrational, but he sure isn’t making it any easier on himself.


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