November 20, 2007

curvier = smarter

Posted in miscellany at 11:31 am by squishy

Are Curvier Women Smarter? Study Of Body Fat Levels Suggests They Are

How do Asians factor into this? Typically, Asians are as curvy as flagpoles, yet touted as the nerdiest of peoples… unless nerdy != smart. Semantics, schemantics.

New research finds an apparent, direct correlation between women’s body fat and intelligence.

As CBS News correspondent Susan McGinnis reported on The Early Show Tuesday, the study shows women with fuller, “hourglass” figures seem to be smarter, and give birth to brighter children.

The research, published this week in the journal “Evolution and Human Behavior,” indicates hips don’t lie. In effect, says the study of some 16,000 women, the smaller your waist and bigger your hips, the smarter you are.

And, McGinnis points out, there’s a formula: Divide waist circumference by hip circumference. The lower the result, the better.

Source: CBS News


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