November 21, 2007

happy thanksgiving

Posted in miscellany at 9:46 pm by squishy

Ah, Thanksgiving! The time of year when the wagons are circled to celebrate tradition with unbridled demonstrations of gluttony. Such a great holiday, unless your family is a facsimile of a Noah Baumbach movie, and/or if the designated chefs can’t cook worth shit. Can you imagine 1. being related to jackasses, 2. being polite and smiley to them, while 3. eating their retch-tastically awful food? I think that’s what you’re exposed to in purgatory (as well as ammonia+vinegar air fresheners and Ricky Martin on loop).


Hope that’s not the case for anyone. Here’s… er… an individually wrapped antacid for your gastrointestinal comfort! >(///)<  I’m going to need the next 2-3 weeks to recuperate, by which point I will be ready for the Christmas fooooooooood.

Image: Post Secret


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