November 21, 2007

i’m getting old

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I’m neither young enough to voluntarily watch the Disney Channel, nor am I old enough to have tween-age children, so it isn’t surprising that I don’t know who Hannah Montana is. I’ve learned about her the way 40-somethings learn about MySpace: by reading about it in the papers or watching it on their local news broadcasts (usually about sweaty pedophiles, sexually precocious 13 year olds, or the unfortunate confluence of both). Apparently, Hannah Montana is Billy Ray Cyrus’ daughter, and is very, very popular.

The point of this entry isn’t to lament how out of the loop I am regarding Disney Channel idols. There was a package of 4 Hannah Montana tickets + backstage passes + dinner + limo ride up for auction, and one Indianapolis woman bid $13,000 for it.

I understand how auctions can become bidding wars. With 12 seconds left and one competing bidder standing, I have definitely paid a tad more on an eBay item than I would normally be comfortable with. (I’ve also done some completed-item searches, and found quite a few people who paid significantly MORE than the retail price of items CURRENTLY IN STORES. I cannot fathom the human race. But that’s another issue).

But $13,000!! It’s a charity auction, and it’s for a good cause, but holy flaming shit, $13,000!

Again, I cannot fathom the human race.

Source: The Indy Channel
Image: ICHC


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