November 27, 2007

happy birthday III

Posted in miscellany tagged at 10:26 am by squishy

The bra is 100 years old! I am resisting the urge to use puns.

One hundred years ago, Vogue coined the term “brassiere.”

Since then, it’s been called plenty: The 18 Hour bra, the Cross Your Heart bra, the training bra, the padded bra, the sports bra, the front-close bra, the strapless bra, the backless bra, the plunge bra, the sheer bra, the Wonderbra, the convertible bra, the T-back bra, the Bralette, the minimizer, and every teenage boy’s favorite, the over-the-shoulder boulder holder.

The article contains some interesting bra-related trivia. But over-the-shoulder boulder holder? NEVER heard of that one. Perhaps because I was never a teenage boy.

Source: Star-Telegram
Image, if you’d like to know how to grow tomatoes in a bra: The Tao of Making Money


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