December 17, 2007

very drowned-rat like

Posted in miscellany at 3:23 pm by squishy


I usually shower at night, but I felt particularly groggy this morning, so I decided that a shower would help me de-grog. Of course! The scent of Ivory soap will surely be a welcome pick-me up!

In my haste, I made the mistake of stepping in without checking the water temperature. Silly me.

So there I was, shivering and huddled in the corner, trying to avoid both the water and the tile wall and willing the water to HEAT UP GODDAMMIT I HATE MONDAYS.

The smallest things can make you feel so pathetic.

Otherwise, my last workday-Monday of 2007 is swell. Holidays around the corner! W00t!

PS: There’s absolutely no point to this post. What’s new? I just felt the need to up my pathetic factor by complaining about feeling pathetic.

PPS: Runner-up wet cat photo.  Scored high on pathetic charts, but deemed inappropriate due to creepy eyes.


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