December 18, 2007

some bad poetry to go along with your holiday shopping.

Posted in miscellany at 10:55 pm by squishy


Hopefully, others had more forethought than I did, because I kind of suck. Shopping with less than 7 days till Christmas is tantamount to pulling wisdom teeth with a pair of pliers and a butter knife.  WHY DID I WAIT?!?!

Holiday shopping brings out the bad poet in me.


Smug valets whisk by
as I forage for parking.
How I hate you so.


Jessica Simpson attempting a carol
sounds like a bronchitic goat in extreme peril.

Italian sonnet!

… just kidding.

I don’t have the balls to attempt a sonnet. I do, however, remember the rhyme scheme of Italian sonnets without wikipedia-ing it. Ha!

PS: Whenever I read haikus, I have to count the syllables. Not that I don’t believe there are 5-7-5, but I can’t help myself. I count on my fingers, btw. Every time.


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