January 3, 2008

things i enjoyed last year

Posted in compulsive listmaking at 10:03 pm by squishy

It’s a brand new year! How shiny and pretty! I feel old!

Note: I meant to post this earlier, but I was distracted.

The end of the year always, without fail, awakes the list-maker in all of us. Journalists/critics/any semi-literate biped compile their lists of top (enter multiple of five here) ____s. Top ten movies, television shows, books, cars, podcasts, sports teams, mattresses, scars, adverbs, simians, debt collecting services, what have you.

Here is my completely gratuitous list of things I enjoyed last year. Many of these aren’t new; I merely came across them in 2007. ‘Cause, you know, I’m on the cultural forefront and shit (I downloaded that Rihanna single last month!)

Juno – How can anything with Michael Cera, Allison Janney (total girl crush), Jason Bateman and J. K. Simmons NOT be good?
artichoke hummus – I’ve never had hummus until this year.
Nellie McKay: Mother of Pearl – dance break!
that Stephen Colbert book
belated Dodgers’ youth movement – adios, Gonzo/Grady
Pushing Daisies – the show would be PERFECT if Lee Pace trimmed his eyebrows. I can’t focus when they pan to his face.
Jill Scott
Jeff Dunham – he somehow got hotter in his second Comedy Central special. A tan and a slight 5:00 shadow = magic.
John Mayer: Village Sessions
the Celtics – yeah, yeah, I’m on the bandwagon. Shame on me.
Superbad – most people’s favorite movie lists are much more highbrow (There Will Be Blood, No Country for Old Men, what have you).  Mine includes Superbad, Juno and Ratatouille. *ponders*
Norah Jones and Peter Malick: New York City
Nicholas K sweaters
Burn Notice (a USA Network TV show about an ex-spy) – I feel like I’m learning something when I watch this. It’s borderline educational! And it doesn’t hurt that Jeffrey Donovan is on the attractive side (I was crushed when ‘Touching Evil’ was canceled).
the Putumayo series of music compilations
Trader Joe’s banana crisps (not to be confused with banana CHIPS)
Dexter – I just finished the first season, and I’m resisting the urge to whip through the second one.
Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings
Sephora’s free decanted fragrance samples – I didn’t know they did such a thing. Woo hoo!

I’m sad to say I didn’t read any books I really, really enjoyed. Sniffles.


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  1. ooh! oooh! One of my good friends’ good friends dated Jeffrey Donovan for a little while. I used to hear lots of stories about their poshola shenanigans out in the Hamptons. But I have no juicy gossip to spill.

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