January 10, 2008

a weekend in vegas, with little to no debauchery. i am a failure.

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RIP, Andrew Olmsted.

I was in Las Vegas for the CES conference, which is basically a tech-geek’s dream spread across dozens of football fields. Some of the things I saw were absolutely amazing (Sony’s 27″ OLED, for instance. There’s no way I can capture the quality on my dinky camera, and there’s probably no way to accurately represent it on a standard computer monitor. Believe me when I say it kind of really rocks. If you can’t tell from the photo, the display is about a centimeter thick).

I think I saw Hung from Top Chef around the Panasonic booth; I’m not entirely sure, but if it was him, he’s TINY. Like momma-I-can’t-reach-the-sink tiny. I also saw David Ortiz at the Sharp/AQUOS booth, and he, as expected, is gargantuan. I thought it was douchey of him to wear sunglasses indoors, until I saw the dozens of flashbulbs go off. Mine eyes.

I was probably the only person, out of tens of thousands of exhibitors and attendees, that didn’t have at least one of the following: 1. a Blackberry, 2. an iPhone, 3. an engineering or computer science degree, 4. press credentials or 5. a Y chromosome.

On a semi-side note, of the seven deadly sins, I am only guilty of two: gluttony (buffets!) and envy (I’ve designed my ideal home theater system in my head, and it’s going to cost more than a couple of cars). I think 2/7 is pretty good.

Photo: Popular Science Blog

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