January 14, 2008

i’m snarked out this morning. enter your own efron joke here.

Posted in i hate the word ‘gossip’ tagged , at 11:43 am by squishy

While I’m posting about overcompensating dudes, might as well get this one over with, too. This isn’t a topic I want to revisit in the near future.

With the humiliating sting of Jessica Alba’s “[you look] like a child with lots of makeup” barely behind him, Zac Efron is now entering phase 3 of the Zac-is-really-butch campaign.

Clicky for a HUGE photo of a manly, rugged, brooding, scruffy Zac Efron with minimal jewelry and/or visible makeup. I’m sure you want to.

I’m convinced. It’s just as convincing and authentic as Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt’s really, truly candid photos (they’re sickening, aren’t they?).

Photo: Just Jared


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  1. felicia said,

    zac looks so hot there

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