January 28, 2008


Posted in miscellany at 10:48 am by squishy

While I’m working as a cog in the LET’S-CURE-CANCER!!! machine, I think of stupid things.  For example, why are some words are only used in conjunction with other specific words?

abject poverty: poverty is a plight and tragedy, but more often it is abject. And few other things are abject. It’s as if abject and poverty are in an exclusive relationship, and one is a third wheel that doesn’t really know it’s a third wheel.

frivolous lawsuit: many other things in life are frivolous. Immersion blenders. Award shows. Bidets. Almost anything sold on television after 2 a.m. But you only hear of lawsuits being frivolous.

wreak havoc: you never wreak destruction or cause havoc, unless you were my brother 20 years ago, in which case, you are the tornado of evil that transcends words.

perky cheerleaders… or perky boobs, oftentimes perky cheerleaders with perky boobs

On an unrelated note, try going a day without sports or war metaphors. It’s surprisingly difficult (if you are successful and can prove your success, I shall procure a cute baby elephant for you).


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