February 5, 2008

is your tuesday super, too?

Posted in miscellany at 10:17 am by squishy

First off: If you live in any of the 24 Super Tuesday states, VOTE, YOU ASSES, VOTE!


Riverside has a measure attempting to crack down cockfighting by limiting the number of roosters residents can own in rural areas within city limits.

Choice quote from article: “I’ve lived in this area most of my life, but I do not have any crowing fowl — or any fowl to speak of.”

I learned of this through my boss. What slayed me was that he kept on referring to roosters as cocks. And since I have yet to reach the maturity level of a 13 year old boy, I giggled the first time. And then it got uncomfortable.

Imagine having a conversation with your father, with him insisting on saying things like “strange people with their hundreds of COCKS have to trim their flock of COCKS,” “keep their COCKS in a soundproof room” because “those idiot COCKS will crow at 3am.”

“Who would need more than five COCKS anyway?  What would they do with COCK meat?”

Source: CBS News


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