February 26, 2008

i kind of miss the interrupting cow

Posted in miscellany at 12:51 pm by squishy

We interrupt this idiocy to announce that I have received my tax refund, including $4 from the state.

I know that getting a refund is actually not good (i.e. the gov’t has been babysitting my money, while it sat idle earning 0% interest), but shit, try explaining that to the rather large illogical portion of my brain.

PS: For the 2 other people who have also missed the interrupting cow… the myth that interrupting cows can be defeated with moose is false, FALSE I tell you.  Math says so.



  1. Rana said,

    Congrats! Mine comes on Friday! Whoo! No money from the state- a big bag of money from the feds. Awesome. Yeah…I could care less if that means I’m doing my taxes wrong during the year with withholdings and such. I like the refund check. It’s like free money- that you worked for throughout the year.

  2. Tina said,

    We don’t have a state income tax, which is awesome in some ways. But it’s also awesome to go to NYC and not pay any sales tax. It’s a toss-up, I suppose. I haven’t even thought about taxes. I’ve decided that’s next month’s project. February’s project is to perfect my LEAPING skills. Get it? Leaping skills? ‘Cause it’s a leap year? See what I’m doing there? yeah, okay.

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