March 2, 2008

there are no words to express how i feel

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UPDATE (3/2/08 11:05pm): Apparently, Larry was murdered because he asked Brandon, his would-be shooter, to be his Valentine.

Ellen DeGeneres mentioned Larry on her show this past Friday. I don’t normally watch her show, but my heart just crumpled watching this clip.

Originally posted 2/25/08 11:38pm:

These are three words we should never, ever see. Never fucking ever.

“slain eighth grader.”

Lawrence King was a 15 year old student at E. O. Green Junior High. He had recently come out and began wearing makeup and clothes that were ‘effeminate.’ On February 12, while he was working in the school computer lab with two dozen other students, he was shot in the head by 14 year old classmate Brandon David McInerney. Brandon had previously bullied Larry for being, among other things, a fag.

Larry was pronounced brain-dead at St. John’s Medical Center. Larry helped his mother crochet hundreds of scarves so US troops stationed in Afghanistan had presents for Christmas. Larry donated his organs.

Brandon has been charged with pre-meditated murder with special circumstances (commission of a crime with a gun and a hate crime), is being held on $770,000 bail and will be tried as an adult.

I’m too tired to rant for another 3,000 words on the indescribably frustrating bigotry that still consumes people. It’s been almost 10 years since Matthew Shepard was murdered.. nay, slaughtered for an equally nonsensical reason. If there’s any progress being made, it’s at a glacial speed… so slowly you can only see a difference after you zoom out sufficiently and the units are in centuries, not years or individual lives.

What can you say, really?

Photo: Los Angeles Times/Michael Robinson Chavez
Story: Los Angeles Times
Learn more: Remembering Lawrence



  1. boobaby said,

    I hadn’t heard about this. So horrible on every level…

  2. I bawled reading this–and the worst thing is that, aside from killings like this and Shepard’s, I would suspect that there are many more suicides that slip under the radar because people either don’t know, or don’t talk about, the fact that the kids took their lives because of their mental agony and suffering over their sexual identity. If you’re a kid struggling with homosexuality in an intolerant climate, I can’t even imagine the anguish you go through. And something else I always think when I hear stories like this: what about the parents of the kid who shot him? How can you get out of bed after something like that, knowing your beloved child is a monster?

  3. squishy said,

    NF – What’s even more horrifying is that sometimes, just sometimes, the parents are proud of what their child did.

    I mean, that’s how ‘artists’ like this come to be.

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