March 4, 2008

i shouldn’t be looking at these so close to lunch time

Posted in sufficiently entertaining at 1:05 pm by squishy

Again, total rip-off/cop-out (thanks NF!), but peep diorama contest = pure, unadulterated genius… although some of the peeps look like deflated balloons.  I’m still giggling.

Marpeep Antoinette – Cynthia Kopkowski

Peeping Peep – Anne Lukas

Dr. Paul’s Peep-o-suction Clinic – Marti Doyle

The Peepsons – Jeff Sharp

Little Miss Peep – Cyn Heskett

Soylent Green is Peeps – Kirwan Magdamo

Dreampeeps – Glenn Hennessey

Government of Peeps, by the Peeps, for the Peeps – NF’s friend’s dad

Source: Washington Post via Nerdy Fashionista



  1. The Nerdy Fashionista said,

    holy crap, i didn’t make it all the way through the slideshow… I missed Soylent Green is Peeps! I think that’s one of my favorites.

  2. Anna said,

    PEEPS® rule!

    See the finalists in the 2008 Washington Post contest at

    See the finalists in the 2008 Chicago Tribune contest at,0,1288082.photogallery

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