March 5, 2008

who knew?

Posted in miscellany at 11:40 am by squishy

Fuck my stars, 10,000 hits! 10,000!! It’s peanuts compared to the behemoth sites/blogs out there, but holy douchenuts.

I’d like to thank all the pervy Googlers out there (who haven’t learned that bracketing a search query with quotation marks will actually yield exact phrase matches) searching for Posh’s nipples, Dane Cook’s wang (wtf?), tampon pillows and the like. I couldn’t have done this without you.

And thanks, of course, to the actual readers. Gracias to both of you.



  1. half of your readership said,

    congrats and keep it up

  2. Rana said,

    De nada, from the other half.

  3. unfair, there’s at least three of us…

  4. squishy said,

    NF = pervy googler?

    I think so.

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