March 6, 2008

cue ‘chariots of fire.’ on ukuleles.

Posted in so much for my anonymity at 12:07 am by squishy

I’m going to start running (although that is a gross exaggeration of the lead-footed jogging + unsightly mouth breathing that’s actually going to happen). This may prove to be disastrous.

Perhaps I’m being a tad melodramatic/cynical (i.e. SQUISHTASTIC); I’m following’s The Couch-to-5k plan (thanks Tina!) so maybe I won’t give up 3 days into it. For the past 3-4 years, I’ve been as active as a sponge on Vicodin, so my worries aren’t completely baseless. And I think people who ‘like’ to run are delusional and/or lying… (to each their own form of masochism, I guess. I personally prefer keyboard-cleaning and Adam Sandler movies).

I’m foolishly posting about this to hold myself accountable. Let’s see how long this lasts.

Photo: ICHC

PS: I have an unnatural affinity for parentheses. Sorry.
PPS: Fact – it’s impossible to be melancholy, let alone morose, on a ukulele. It’s been scientifically proven to be true.
PPPS: Is it ‘a ukulele’ or ‘an ukulele’? Oh, who the fuck cares.



  1. Lauren said,

    I did the couch to 5K things last Spring. Believe it or not, it worked! And in less time than it was supposed to. Even though I was pretty much just a lump before I started it, the program starts off suuuuuper slow so I skipped a few weeks.

  2. Tina said,

    I think its an uk… (uh, I forgot how to spell that strummy instrument thing…) and as you can tell, I also have an affinity for parenthetical references. They are lovely, lovely grammatical devices. I ((hugs)) them.

    The Couch to 5k thing is supposed to work. I’ve never gotten past week 4 or 5 personally but I seriously lack follow through. And I love the elliptical machine. I can read! and workout! at the same time! Who knew such goodness existed in this world? But I did learn I have asthma during my most recent couch to 5k trial. That was educational. Now I have an inhaler and a perpetual workout cough, as I refer to it. It’s really annoying but only rears its ugly head when the treadmill and I have words. The elliptical machine and my asthma are much more at peace.

    Much rambling about nothing… but I’d love to hear your thoughts on the 5k plan. I’m sure they’ll be squisheriffic. ; )

  3. The Nerdy Fashionista said,

    Oh, I would like to (virtually) do this with you. I’m starting to get Delusional Waistband on some of my pants… you know, that look typically sported by middle-aged ladies who haven’t come to grips with the fact that they’re too heavy for their old pants, so they wheeze and suck the button or tab into place, causing the waistband to strain uncomfortably across their midsection while pooch and butt fat burgeon out below… not a pretty sight.

  4. Lindsey said,

    I’ve been trying to jog on the treadmill every day (but now that I have the damn flu, that hasn’t happened in a few days) and my shins feel like they’re on fire after about 4 minutes. But at least I can get to 4 minutes now because prior to rejoining the gym, I’m pretty sure I could only run for about 10 seconds before having a heart attack.

    Anyway, I don’t really believe anyone loves to run. Most people I know do it for health reasons and hate every second of it. I prefer less torturous forms of exercise (why is it that that word, “exercise,” is so damn hard for me to spell???).

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