March 10, 2008

the day that budding linguists write their dissertations on lolspeak is the day i immolate myself in hopes of restoring order in the world

Posted in wtf? at 8:29 am by squishy

squishy : ICHC comments :: epileptic : strobe lights

One example below. I love me some ICHC, but lord have mercy.

“Wenz Windo sillz goez
bad Kittehz fyndz demsellvz inz
awdd preedikkamentz

Mebbee Windo Sill
didn’tz lyke t3h way Kitteh
strrrretchd andz lawst ballenss?

Oarz Windo Sill may
habz thawt Kitteh wuz hawgginn’
awll teh wawrm sun beemz?

Eevurr way, Kitteh
shoodz beez luukeeng pannikkd, yet
seemz plassiddlee cawllm

Kitteh awllwayz habz
t3h lasst laff wenz it cumz 2
grabbitte’z flawwd lawz”



  1. Tina said,

    I can’t even read that. It makes my brain hurt. It’s like trying to figure out personalized license plates. And please don’t hurt yourself in an attempt to create balance in the world. It will only go the other way. The world needs people who don’t LOL and who have no clue what TMTH means. (I don’t even know if I used the right letters for the last one – too many American Idol fanboys and fangirls in my world right now.)

  2. Anonymous said,

    who the fuck talks like that

  3. Lindsey said,

    Wow. To think someone wasted their time on that…

  4. piecesontheground said,

    ouch. head. hurts.

  5. I have to confess that I actually LOVE the bits of LOLCats Old Testament that I’ve seen floating around the interwebs. But have you ever checked out the comments on ICHC? People have enough time on their hands to write these long, laborious comments in LOLCat… how is that possible? How do their brains not explode?

  6. squishy said,

    Some of the ICHC macros are inscrutable, too. I prefer scrutable macros.

    Tina, I almost rear-ended someone because I was trying to figure out wtf his/her license plate was trying to say.

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