March 14, 2008

to make up for my shitty college mascot

Posted in so much for my anonymity at 12:13 am by squishy

Seriously, what kind of school has a color for a mascot? I guess it beats the BANANA SLUG or whatever the hell the Western Kentucky red thingie is supposed to be.

Anyway, I’m going to graduate school at UCLA (the category this post is filed under is especially apt, non?). It was between that or the state school up north with the other ursine mascot, but location (and perhaps common sense) prevailed. To be perfectly honest, a certain baseball team also helped… the scales were long since tipped, though. Thanks to the wonderful Rana for being a makeshift career counselor.

I hope this doesn’t mean I have to start paying attention to college basketball. Or football… :goosebumps:



  1. Rana said,

    Makeshift, how insulting! That seems to imply that I”m not a board certified, state licensed career counselor. If you give me fifteen minutes with PhotoShop, I’m sure I can convince you that, yes, I am certified and licensed.

    Also…what did ya end up deciding to go with???? Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. Anonymous said,


  3. Tina said,

    Okay, I’m about to sound dumb but a bruin is a color? Seriously? How did I never know that? I just looked it up on wiktionary (another thing I didn’t know existed) and it also is a folk name for a bear, especially a brown bear. I totally didn’t make that last part up even though “especially a brown bear” really doesn’t sound like something that should be in a dictionary.

    I’m sorry for your sucky mascot but congrats on the grad school part! You can never go wrong with mass amounts of debt. ; )

  4. squishy said,

    Oh no no, my undergrad (=/= UCLA) was a color. The bruin is very much a bear.

    (Rana: epidemiology!)

  5. Rana said,

    Great choice! Science-y with some math thrown in- or at least that’s what everybody thinks. Reality is that it’s all computers!

  6. Anonymous said,

    You need to be watching some bb. The Bruins are gonna go all the way.

  7. Tina said,

    Okay, but to be fair, bruin is also brown. So that totally justifies my confusion. Um, right? ; )

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