March 23, 2008

sunday chore list

Posted in compulsive listmaking at 8:39 pm by squishy

RIP Jason Rae. Hope his wife Corinne Bailey Rae is holding up despite the circumstances.

– try to ignore NCAA basketball
– watch Pierre play his way out of a starting LF/RF job
– bite bullet and get gas for my car so I don’t crap out somewhere on the 405
– swing by Target for shampoo, paper towels and cereal
– do laundry (colors, if it comes down to triaging)
– empty up space on my hard drives (yes, I have multiple)
– look up prices on 1 TB hard drives
– swelter, swelter, swelter

What else can you do on an 85+ degree Sunday afternoon? In MARCH?

Summer, along with muggers, bogey monsters, and usurers, is lurking around the corner. I wouldn’t mind it in the LEAST if it got lost on its way here.

Source: TMZ
Photo: ICHC (it’s been a while.)


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