May 5, 2008

only this time, it’s a SCHEDULED hiatus

Posted in so much for my anonymity at 11:27 pm by squishy


This trip will include flights with stopovers in Atlanta and Cincinnati. Did I mention that I love stopovers? (This is assuming that I am traveling alone and only have one flight change. Every opinion I have has stipulations, footnotes, and/or signing statements). I had to fly a lot when I was in college, because home = SoCal and school = New England. The worst trip can be outlined as such: the only bus I could take got me to Boston Logan Airport at 1am for a 5am flight… and then I had a 3 hour layover, plus an extra 1 hr snow delay in Minnesota. Luckily, that that wasn’t the trip in which my baggage was lost for 4 days.

For the most part, though, I genuinely enjoy wandering around airports, reading books/magazines, munching on saturated fat+complex carbohydrates and eavesdropping. I love eavesdropping. I try to plan my flights around layovers so I can kill an hour or so in Chicago (not Midway), Atlanta, or Minneapolis. But it’s only this enjoyable because I look forward to my destinations on both ends.

After all, a vacation is only a vacation if you have something/one to come home to.

So let out a “FUCK YES!” and a fistpump if you hear about a LAD win and/or an Arizona loss. I sadly won’t be able to watch most of the games for a week, although I will be visiting the decrepit yet geezer-charming Yankee Stadium before it gets torn down (I mean honestly, would people be so high on that ballpark if they didn’t know a new one was on its way?).


Photo: ICHC



  1. Rana said,

    From the visiting the Yankee stadium comment, shall I assume you’re headed to NYC? You should totally hop the train and come down to Philly for the day!

  2. Tina said,

    I’m jealous. : (

    That is all.

  3. LK said,

    dude when are you coming back?? The R in your BRB is a LIE! 😉

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