May 14, 2008

the bs has returned

Posted in so much for my anonymity at 9:53 am by squishy

I had too much fun hanging out with great friends from college and high school to be a cynical asshat. I therefore must allow the cynicism levels to reach a sufficient threshold before I post anything of much value.

I also gave notice (July 31st) today. My boss thought I was going to quit earlier, so he’s actually somewhat ecstatic that he can wring the last few drops of productivity out of me for the next 2+ months.

On a related note, I have 221.32 hours of sick time I can’t bring myself to use because I would feel too guilty.



  1. Tina said,

    You’re insane. I have like 20 hours of sick time. I use my sick hours to get my hair done (mental health day) and to buy tampons (female issues). You don’t get paid for that shit! Use it up! You have two months to make me proud.

  2. Rana said,

    Don’t wait for the cynicism bucket to fill back up before posting! I’ll take a post of little value if that’s all you got.

  3. squishy said,

    I’d disclose how much vacation time I have, but I might be in for a flogging.

    I’m just very (very, very) strategic in my vacation planning.

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