May 15, 2008

cynicism still recharging…

Posted in miscellany at 4:37 pm by squishy

Snippet for today. Quoted from Joe Posnanski’s blog:

“I’ve long thought that there are two kinds of people in this world: There are people who go to eat on vacation. And there are people who go on vacation to eat. I am very much the second guy.”

Hey, me too!

Tangent: I’m not a huge fan of beaches or unbearably hot, humid weather. The potential for sand in my netherbits is pretty antithetical to my idea of a vacation. I just want to indulge in as many of the seven sins as I would like to… without feeling guilty. It’s a shame I have a congenital guilt disorder. I blame my mother.

Ho hum.



  1. Rana said,

    My best vacations involve only two of the deadly sins- sloth and gluttony. I wanna sit on a beach (sweating and with sand in my netherbits) reading and eating fresh fish and drinking some form of alcohol.

  2. Tina said,

    The only pro to a beach vacation would be the inevitable salt and sand scrubs that come oh-so naturally with days on the land and sea and the fruity drinks that you don’t have to be embarassed to drink, because, hey! it’s vacation and it’s an island and you’re supposed to drink pink, swirly things with a hunk of pineapple and a crazy paper umbrella in them!

    Otherwise, count me out. I’d much rather spend my time in museums, finding old bookstores, and sneaking a few glasses of red wine in my morning and afternoon people-watching breaks. And there must be nightlife that involves either a) karaoke or b) secret bars. Those are the rules for a proper vacation.

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