May 20, 2008

it was ugly, but i ain’t picky

Posted in los dodgers at 10:36 am by squishy

mob the field!

PS: A great writeup on Jon Lester’s no-hitter. I was watching Monday Night Baseball (HOU at CHI; sorry Tina), just killing time until this game started, but despite it being a relatively close game, ESPN cut to the last inning at Fenway.

I have never seen a no-hitter in progress. It was unbelievable.

Photo: Dodgers/Jon SooHoo



  1. Tina said,

    A. Just killing time? Insults are flying on this blog, I see. You must be back to your old self after your little vacay.

    B. How annoying is it to have your team’s game interrupted for a Red Sox no-hitter? I’m as happy for that guy as the next person but can’t ESPN save that for highlights? I missed my beautiful ‘Stros and I’m fairly sure that was part of the reason they lost.

    C. Did you see the Astros vs. Dodgers series while you were out? I felt so bad for you the entire time but damn! my boys played well.

    D. *sigh* the 17 and 16 game winning streaks came to an end last night. It was sad. (I think it was 17 and 16. It could have been 16 and 15.)

    E. Did you know Hunter Pence’s nickname is Underpants? heehehee. I’m such a 12 year-old, because I snicker anytime his name is announced on the teevee. I’m snickering now actually.

    F. I’m glad our teams don’t face each other very often. It would suck to be rooting against a fellow baseball lover, especially one who is a girl.

    G. Baseball loving girls unite! Or should I say women?

  2. squishy said,

    A. Whee!

    B. Haven’t you gotten the memo? The E in ESPN stands for ‘east coast.’

    C. Thank god, no. I was happy for you, but I was hoping we didn’t get swept. And we were up in the 3rd game, and lost it. I was livid.

    D. Random note: Michael Bourn should NOT BE HITTING LEADOFF. Yes, he’s fast, but he can’t get his ass on base. He’d make a decent #8 hitter or pinch-runner, though.

    E. I’m guessing his parents didn’t think of that when they named their son. Totally awesome.

    F. I know what you mean. Sigh. There’s one more 3-game series in July.

    G. We should get jackets made for our tiny, tiny club.

  3. Anonymous said,

    fucking redsox

  4. Rana said,

    Can I get one of those jackets? I’m learning, slowly but surely. I’ll get there. I probably will never be able to discern the difference in hitting abilities of #3 versus #4 batters but I can surely tell you why they are supposed to be different. I also don’t really have a team that I root for- my natural inclination would be for Pittsburgh but really, the Pirates? What else do I have, Philly? I would since I do actually like a lot of the Philly players, but that would be like cheering for Philly as a city, and man…Philly sucks my balls.

    I guess I’ll go with the Brewers, cause any team that has anything to do with beer is all right in my book. Either that or the Tigers, since that’s the boyfriend’s team of choice.

    Or, I could sell my cheering rights to the highest bidder. Let’s open the bidding at $3.75. Do I hear $3.75?? $3.50?

  5. squishy said,

    Another member!

    My condolences to the boyfriend. The Tigers are going to need any cheering/support you can provide.

  6. Tina said,

    Rana, I’ll take the ‘Stros for $3.50. (I’m not sure it’s worth much more, to be honest!)

    About Bourn, I sort of agree. He’s been the talk of the Astros world for most of May, what with the non producing and all. I think that Cooper is just playing him hoping that a) his bunting skills will improve and b) that he’ll get over whatever slump (if it is that) he’s going through. I think he’ll move him around in the line-up if the rest of the offense starts slumping. As it is, I think he’s willing to just let him take his time and see if he can figure stuff out. If he could get his skillz going, he’d make a great lead-off hitter come September.

    Oh and I gloat for a moment? Winning a series against the Cubs? Take that ESPN! (They are constantly saying Houston doesn’t have a shot in the Central. They won’t even mention them in up and coming teams. If not for Berkman, H’s name would never come up on their stupid site.)

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