May 27, 2008

tuesday mishmash

Posted in miscellany at 1:15 pm by squishy

The second best part about long weekends? Means the next weekend is one less day away.

I. From my trek to Yankee Stadium:

the fans aren\'t as bad as advertised

The Yanks were playing Cleveland, and avoided getting swept that day. My god, they love their Derek Jeter. The degree of manlove is staggering. I debated wearing my LAD cap, but I never feel right wearing a cap of a team that isn’t playing at that stadium. Saw a few NY Giants caps, as well as a guy wearing a t-shirt that said (I’m paraphrasing): “16-1! PERFECT NO MORE.”

Click for the hugeass pic. I just got a new camera that I love but have yet to master.

II. I am surmising from the response to my last post that I just haven’t met a thong I’ve liked. There might be another explanation, though. I just bought undies for girls (don’t ask), and they fit PERFECTLY. Does that mean I have a girl’s ass (i.e. nonexistant)? Probably. I HAVE NO ASS. Woe is me.

I’m guessing I’d fare better with girls’ thongs, but the thought of thongs for girls, let alone the thought of me purchasing girl thongs, is mildly troubling. Praise the gods for internet shopping.

III. Speaking of manlove, an open display of homoeroticism:

In all fairness, I should say they won in extra innings. The held-up dude is the guy that got the walkoff RBI single. The pained yet ecstatic look on the holder-upper is priceless.

IV. The Indiana Jones theme song gives me goosebumps. I absolutely loved the original trilogy. It’s amazing how rose-colored my childhood glasses are. I’m sure if I saw Temple of Doom for the first time as an adult, I would’ve scoffed through all 118 minutes of it.

V. Not that I find Shia LaBeouf particularly attractive, but soon, the people I DO find attractive will be younger than I am. Sniff.

Photo: yours truly, AP/Kevork Djansezian

PS: Someone perv will google ‘girl thong’ and end up here.  Great.



  1. Blondie said,

    It took me a few read-overs to finally realize what you meant by girl’s thongs- ie little girl thongs, not women’s thongs. I started to think you were rocking a banana hammock.

    I am in disbelief that they make little girl thongs. That’s disturbing..

  2. Tina said,

    I’ve found myself rooting for the Dodgers lately, given who they’ve been playing. It can only help right?

    As for thongs, maybe you should try a gold one. Perhaps you’d get… lucky? (hee – bad joke)

  3. squishy said,

    Blondie: Banana hammock! lol! I don’t actually know if they make/sell little girl thongs, but I would not be surprised if they did.

    Tina: W00t! Too bad they’re trotting out the AAAA team today. It seems like no one can buy a hit with runners in scoring position.

    And about that gold thong… HE SHARED IT WITH HIS TEAMMATES. If, according to me, thongs on women are inherently unhygienic, can you imagine the utter filth on male-jock thongs? I’m dying here. Dying.

  4. Tina said,

    Seriously? He shared his actual thong with them? I thought he just shared his “secret” with them and they went out and bought their own. Oh how I wish I didn’t know the truth…

    And, um, can you get your guys going? We’re doing our part (at least we did last night), so could you guys help us out a little? Damn those Cubs. And to think I’ve always rooted for them (usually because neither team is in the running but still).

  5. squishy said,

    Top of the 8th, bases loaded with 1 out, down 1-3, with two solid hitters up. A single would do it! A single! Of course, these suckers couldn’t score even one run. In the past week or so, they’re 5/50 with runners in scoring position.


    And we have a homestand next week that includes a 3 game series against the Cubs. :facepalms:

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