June 5, 2008

lord help me

Posted in los dodgers at 11:18 am by squishy

I’m watching the amateur baseball draft at work.

You know you’re in trouble if you’re imploring to a god you may or may not believe in to SHAKE SOME SANITY INTO YOU.



  1. Tina said,

    Yeah but the baseball draft is so…. unreliable. You’d probably have more luck matching teams to players by first name. Or cup size. Wait – do men’s cups come in sizes? I’m unsure.

  2. squishy said,

    I hope not. We don’t need any more penile oneupmanship. “Look at my HUGE WANG. IT’S HUGE.”

    Am I pathetic for knowing the Dodgers’ first 3 draft picks from memory? I even know that the ‘Stros took a Stanford catcher in the first round (mostly because it was a semi-questionable move, considering that you already have J. R. Towles, who’s supposed to be the catcher of the future).

  3. Tina said,

    Like I said, it’s a crap shoot. And, if I know my Astros, they just take people they think will bring in good trades. They’re not terribly interested in developing new talent, although they do more of that than some other teams, ahem, Yankees, cough, cough.

    You’re not pathetic, but I do bet it’s wasted knowledge in that it will only be applicable in trade prospects.

    Did you catch that brawl last night? It was awesome. Some sports guy on ESPN radio was pissed that the basketballers get lambasted for brawls and baseball gets lauded for it (sort of). But brawls/fights are a huge part of hockey too and no one gets up in arms about it. And football? There are even specific rules about types of fighting/penalties/etc. I think it’s because basketball players don’t have any kind of protective gear on, like the other sports. Plus they’re in extremely close proximity so it’s a lot easier to get punches in. Punches hardly ever happen in baseball and at least some of the guys have protective headware on. And the umpires are all kinds of covered up so it’s easy for them to get in there and break it up. Referees in basketball aren’t exactly bigger/tougher/more heavily armored than the players. And the baseball players have so far to run to get to the guy they want to jump on. By the time they get there most of them have run out of piss juice and just want to push and shove. I don’t know… thoughts on differences?

  4. squishy said,

    The Dodgers minor league system has been phenomenal in drafting and developing players, so it’s actually kind of fun. It’s definitely a long term time investment, though. On most nights, 6-7 of the starting 9 are from the farm system and have only played for LA. Too bad they’re all slumping at the same time right now. There’s no fun in watching a .450-.500 team. Guh.

    Really? I don’t follow basketball enough to know. The only ‘violence’ I see being condoned are hard slides/breaking up the DP and sometimes retaliatory HBPs. I have the opposite impression of this ESPN announcer (I hold them in the highest esteem. Of course).

    I really don’t like Coco Crisp after that incident, though. The Youkilis/Manny thing was so bizarre.

    I’d still pay to see the two NL Central Carloses (Zambrano and Lee) in a fight.

  5. squishy said,

    Oh, and the funniest thing is to see the relievers just SPILLING out of the bullpen to join the brawl. Don’t injure yourself, boys.

  6. Tina said,

    Okay I know this is a late response but hahahaha! My keyboard thanks you. I now have to clean it because I spit diet coke all over it when I laughed out loud.

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