June 19, 2008

i must credit him for the strides i have made in my mouth-breathing skills; i no longer pant like a pervert

Posted in so much for my anonymity at 3:13 pm by squishy

I have complained about my coworker, he of the exquisitely offensive body odor, on multiple occasions.  His Stinkiness still reeks of damp armpits and overripe toejam, but now he’s taken to wearing wife beaters with very spacious armholes.  I can see his sideboobs.  And I can see his nipples through the body-hugging ribbed fabric.

I want to die.

Only 30 more business days until I quit.



  1. Tina said,

    Where the hell do you work? The back alley in Arlen, Texas?

  2. squishy said,

    I don’t think they have insecure macho one-uppy smelly sunburnt incompetent beefcakes with midwestern twangs and eyebrows as bushy as his goddamn sideburns in Arlen, Texas.

  3. Jahni said,

    Nope…that sounds like an Southeastern Oklahoma transplant. I think I saw him at the lake this weekend…does he have a barbed wire bicep tattoo? Just checking.

  4. squishy said,

    No tattoos (or body hair, as I have been informed). That would be a no-no for his amateur bodybuilding competitions.

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