June 20, 2008

it’s a good thing i took that digital slr camera out of my cart

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:28 pm by squishy

woo hoo!

At any given moment, I have 5-50 items in my Amazon shopping cart, along with another 10-100 items that are “saved for later.” This is relevant because I got a shipment from Amazon yesterday, even though I have no recollection of ordering from them in the past month or so.

It turns out that I had drunk-Amazoned, and was lucid enough to archive the confirmation e-mail (I compulsively archive my gmail, so my inbox never exceeds 10.  There’s going to be a prescription drug for this soon). And two weeks later, I get a surprise!

*twiddles thumbs*

PS: I also got ‘Special Topics and Calamity Physics,’ but it was camera-shy.  And I never got a shipment confirmation!



  1. Tina said,

    Oh my. A drunk-Amazon. That’s the most insane thing I’ve ever heard. On the plus side, you have lots of pretty books to read. I want reviews on the good ones!

    FWIW, I loved, loved, loved Special Topics in Calamity Physics. It was the best book I read last year (probably the best book I’ve read in a few years). I want details once you’ve finished. I should re-read it.

    As for compulsive email filing, I’m with you. I didn’t realize how bad it was until one of my BFFs was watching me access my email and nearly shit herself over how “organized” I was. I’m not organized at all, so I knew right then and there it was a compulsion. Oh well. I hate crowded inboxes.

  2. squishy said,

    I think I put it in my cart after your recommendation (eons and eons ago).

    After this episode, I have nothing in my cart; they’re all “saved for later” so I have to manually pick and add items. Even my subconscious is a flagrant consumerist.

  3. Kelly said,

    hahaha drunk Amazoning sounds wonderful. I’ll have to keep myself away from my wishlist next time I’m drunk, because that thing is packed.

    Also, I’m the least organized person ever (my house is an embarassment) but I cannot, cannot, cannot leave anything sit in my inbox that doesn’t need to. I don’t know why. It drives me CRAZY when I see someone open their email and their inbox has more than a couple in there. The worst is when there are hundreds because they keep everything in their inbox that they don’t delete. Come on, people! Do you leave your real mailbox full of everything? NO! (I hope)

  4. what would that be, a drunk-azon?

  5. Tina said,

    See, Kelly, that’s funny. I totally leave mail in my real mailbox that I don’t want. I have this weird fantasy that the mail carrier will come take it all away and I won’t have to deal with it. In reality I clean it out once a week and dump it in the trash, but the bf is constantly annoyed that I check my mail, look through everything, and then throw stuff back in it.

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