June 24, 2008

as much as i strongly dislike any similes involving ‘mondays,’ i begrudgingly admit that today feels like one

Posted in wtf? at 9:56 am by squishy

Another confession: I’ve been wearing the wrong bra size.  I know it’s been oprah-ed to death (over (enter startlingly high percentage) of women are wearing the wrong size!), but yeesh.

I don’t feel dumb that I’ve been wearing the wrong size, but I feel really dumb about how wrong I was (Band? WRONG!  Cup?  WRONG!).  I mean, they’re MINE.  I should know how big they are.

Saving graces: 1) I hadn’t invested much in undergarments, 2) the size is ‘nicer,’ and 3) the tits are no longer bff with the navel (not that I have National Geographic tits, but now THEY DEFY THE LAWS OF GRAVITY… kind of).

Photo: US Presswire/Gary A. Vasquez

PS: In retrospect, I shouldn’t have paired a photo of Juan Pierre with a post on my chest.



  1. Anonymous said,

    do boobs grow or something?

  2. I HAVE BEEN THERE. Not so much with the navel-grazers, but the wrong size, yes…

  3. Tina said,

    I don’t think there is a right size for boobs. I’ve gotten “fitted” I don’t know how many times and each one comes out different. One chick once told me I was a D cup. Oh my, the laughter.

    But I do have (or did have) the perfect bra. It was a random buy, with a coupon, from VS. Since they were having a sale, I decided to pick up another because my current fave is starting to fall apart. I bought the exact same brand and the exact same size as the one I wear all the time (and get compliments on all the time – from my bffs who realize the way in which the boobs defy all that is holy in this particular bra) but in a different color. I get it home and can’t get the damn thing on! I readjust all the straps hoping that would work and nope, nope, nope. It was all around like 4 sizes too small, even though the tag says the exact same as the one I was wearing at the time, style and everything. So I held them up together and mine (old) is waay bigger than the new one. Even the cup size is amazingly larger. Did VS change sizes and if not, which one of the two I have are labelled incorrectly?

    I digress but here it is: I hate bra buying.

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